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Our goal is to simplify the insurance process and ensure your company’s long-term wellbeing following any loss. We aim to provide additional value beyond insurance and act as a partner rather than a Broker. Contact us today to see how we apply 100 years of insurance experience to every policy.

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  • Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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Need to speak with someone regarding insurance for your business? Contact Matthew Gutkowski to discuss any issues regarding your current coverage, new policies, claims or any other concern.

Who We Are

Protecting Cannabis Companies Across the Nation

Cannabis Insurance Services is exclusively dedicated to the cannabis industry. We pride ourselves in delivering tailored products at market leading premiums. Our clients enjoy excellent customer care and no cost supporting professional resources outside that assist in the long term success of your company. 

CIS differs from the insurance market place with our portfolio of coverages, carriers and resources to guarantee the long term success of your business. Our Risk Management Strategy and insurance experience 

Risk Management practices performed with your business create sustainable exposure protection during the growth of your cannabis venture. Quarterly growth reviews confirm the initial coverage established continues to provide total protection in the event of a loss to any aspect of your business model. 

The marijuana industry is unique and requires tailored protection to insure the various facets of your business. The evident affiliation of crime risks present immediate monetary concerns, while Liability suits and Bodily Injury present unforeseen circumstances in the infant marketplace.

Beyond Insurance

We aim to bring more value beyond insurance by providing additional administrative and management resources to assist with all needs of your company. 

See our Free Resources and Partnered Providers here for more information.

California Based, Nationwide Presence

Our Corporate Office is in Orange County, California with satellite offices in the Inland Empire of Southern CA and Fort Collins, CO. See our Contact Us Page and Footer for the office address. 

Our clients range from Coast to Coast, operate a variety of companies ranging from Cultivation, Distribution, Manufacturing and Retail. We insure all businesses in and affiliated with the marijuana industry.

Keys To Our Success →

Every Coverage Offered

We provide all insurance products needed to protect and support your company. Our collection of coverage ranges from standard insurance policies common across industries, to cannabis specialized coverage written specifically for marijuana risks.

Every Carrier Available

CIS partner with every carrier offering coverage to the cannabis industry. These markets vary from industry leaders tailoring their coverage for this industry, to exclusive providers solely focused on cannabis businesses. With access to dozens of carriers we guarantee the market’s strongest policy and lowest rates for each unique client.

Risk Management

CIS aims to minimize the risks facing your business and allocate personnel, inspections and more to ensure all measures are properly utilized to eliminate claims. Risk Management includes: Annual Exposure Analysis, Claims Department, Site & Claim Inspectors, Safety Advisors & Meetings and additional support.

Cost Reduction

We understand that pricing is one of the primary factors dictating your insurance provider. Our team analyzes your business’s actual revenue, inventory etc. versus quoted figures to adjust key factors determining premium and avoiding year-end audit penalties. Each renewal is marketed to our network of providers to ensure the policy and pricing is the most competitive available.

A Division Of The Empire Company

Cannabis Insurance Services is a division of The Empire Company. CIS solely specializes in marijuana business bringing industry experience and over a century of insurance success together. 

Our parent agency, The Empire Company, was established in 1911 and extends their premier customer service and extensive knowledge to the growing cannabis industry. Empire determined after years of servicing cannabis companies that a focused division with devoted staff will provide the strongest service, offering insurance education to new company owners, cannabis policy expertise and industry experience and updates.

The Empire Company’s corporate office is based in the Inland Empire of California, with satellite offices in Santa Ana and San Bernardino, CA as well as Fort Collins, Colorado. Our corporate address is: 

10201 Trademark
Suite D
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Phone Number: 909-476-0600

To learn more about The Empire Company please visit Empire’s website or call 909-476-0600.

The Empire Company writes commercial insurance throughout the United States, and across industries. Our book of business primarily includes Manufacturing, Distribution and Wholesale businesses, along with a plethora of companies outside of these industries. Our staff of 70+ Brokers and Customer Service Team Members ensures your call or email will be answered immediately. 

Empire also designates a Transportation Division focused on Trucking, Distribution and Wholesale Operations. This team of 25 employees leads Southern CA agencies in the Trucking Insurance Industry, and assists CIS with distribution, wholesale and hauling cannabis companies. We also dedicate 10 employees to Personal Lines Insurance in an effort to provide business owners a single resource for all their business and personal insurance needs. 

Designated Departments of The Empire Company Include: 

→ Claims Management – staff focused solely on claims reporting, fraudulent discovery and more.
→ Certificate Development – team providing Certificate of Insurance within 2 Hours.
→ Billing Department – set up and assistance in monthly payments or billing concerns with carriers.

Our 100+ years of insurance success connect us with industry leading and niche carriers. Over this time period we have partnered with additional professional services to best bring value to our clients. We offer all business and professional insurance coverages needed for established tenured companies to new ventures. Beyond insurance we attribute administrative resources such as HR, Business Attorneys and more.

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