Retail (Retail Store Front and Retail Delivery Services)


Retailers selling final products to consumers, whether via store front, online or auto delivery services. These risks entail large personnel and consumer traffic thus increasing their exposure to a claim.

Retail Delivery Services must purchase approved cannabis commercial auto policies. Contact us today to verify your coverage will protect your company when the inevitable loss occurs.

  • General Liability
  • Property Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Auto Insurance
  • Health Insurance

Recommended Coverage

Commercial Auto
A single vehicle or fleet can be insured through our Cannabis Auto Program. Standard Commercial Auto excludes cannabis involved claims, and Personal Auto Insurance excludes cannabis and commercial use. Our portfolio of Auto Markets offer insurance for distribution, retail delivery or other operation in this industry.

Cannabis risk experience high crime risks. Theft of plants, harvest, manufactured goods or cash is insurable. Security measures only protect your business until they don’t. Insurance is available for complete peace of mind.


Consuming cannabis in any form is typically excluded when consumed on your premises. This endorsement offers the gap in coverage and provides Defense Costs in the event of Bodily Injury. Customers ‘sampling’ products pose liability risks once the user leaves the premises. This coverage is similar to Alcohol Consumption policies..


Property coverage is limited to the scheduled locations and does not apply while goods are in transit. Cargo fills this void and insures the goods in the event of a loss. Short Term/Special Event Cargo Policies are also available for larger single deliveries that exceed your existing limits of insurance.


Employer Practices Liability Insurance offers Defense Costs in the event of decisions and actions performed by Directors and Officers of the entity. Common claims addressed by this coverage include: Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and wrongful Hiring and Firing.


Directors and Officers applies similarly to EPLI but provides additional Defense Costs of claims caused by officers of the company. This insurance applies should a lawsuit entail the owners or investors of the company.

General Liability and Workers Compensation Policies are required by State Law and the Bureau of Cannabis Control

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